Bearded dragons mainly live in habitats such as deserts, shrublands, and Eucalyptus woodlands. Many people often keep them as pets because of their hardy nature. They are also quite easy to care for in comparison to other exotic reptiles, with most of them being good-natured and incredibly smart. There are numerous things to know before acquiring a Bearded Dragon Cages For Sale. We will be talking about some of those important matters;

Cage Type

Bearded dragons specifically require an environment that bears a close resemblance to the desert. There isn’t a dearth of bearded dragon tank and cages available for purchase with the most common ones being glass, melamine, vision, and PVC. Glass cages are inexpensive and can be found almost everywhere. However, they can be quite heavy, thus, lacking in the portability department. The glass also doesn´t hold in the heat as well as other materials. If you possess a colorful bearded dragon, we would advise you to get a different type of tank as the glass tanks can lack insulation, causing your dragon´s color to appear a tad bit dull. Melamine cages are constructed of melamine board and are quite expensive in comparison to glass cages. However, bearded dragons often look majestic in melamine cages; the white boards of the melamine cages aid in the extra reflection of light, making your bearded dragon a lot happier. PVC cages work exactly like melamine cages. However, they are made of PVC plastic. On the bright side, they are a lot lighter and easier to carry around. Vision cages are constructed of molded piece of plastic and are resistant to chemical. They have in-built shrouds and are easy to clean.

A 20-gallon tank is ideal for a baby bearded dragon. However, for an adult bearded dragon, we would recommend you to acquire a 50-gallon tank or larger.

Check for UVA/UVB lights and a basking lamp

A bearded dragon requires two types of lights to live and thrive—a full spectrum UVA/UVB light and a basking lamp which produces heat. These lights work together to provide the bearded dragon with the much-needed natural sunlight albeit unnaturally. It is necessary for you to change the UVA/UVB light every half a year. You should also ensure that the lights illuminate the entire cage.

Timer Set

A bearded dragon requires an exact light and dark schedule. Hence, it is of paramount importance for you to set up a timer to control the amount of time the lights are turned on. You should keep them on ideally for 10 to 14 hours per day.

What about the bottom of the cage?

It is imperative that the bottom of the cage, i.e. the floor, has some substrate like paper towels, shredded newspaper, paper, reptile carpet. It is advisable for you to keep something that your bearded dragon can´t digest. It is also necessary to clean the floor frequently; you should also consider changing it often.

Addition of other accessories

It is pivotal for your bearded dragon to be within 6 to 8 inches of the heat lamp. To allow your bearded dragon to be up close to the heat lamp, you should consider adding accessories to the cage including platforms, rocks, reptile furniture, branches, rocks and other helpful structures the bearded dragon can use. Bearded dragons are land-based creatures that love roaming; although they don´t require much vertical space, they do enjoy climbing up onto rocks and other perches to bask. It is ideal for a bearded dragon cage to have a background at the back and on the sides.

Since we live in a contemporary world, there isn´t a dearth of affordable bearded dragon cages available for purchase in the market. Although there are many models available, the ones worth purchasing are very few and far between. However, you have nothing to worry about as we have listed 3 of the best bearded dragon cages available for purchase. Have a look!

Exo Terra Screen TerrariumExo Terra Screen Terrarium

The purchase of the Exo Terra Screen Terrarium will set you back $75. It is certainly a small price to pay for the comfort and convenience of your bearded dragon. The terrarium boasts of a high quality, corrosion-resistant black anodized aluminum screen enclosure which plays an instrumental role in allowing ultraviolet rays from the sun or UVB lights to penetrate deep inside the enclosure. It also features large hinged front doors; therefore, you have full access to the interior of the cage. In order to facilitate an easy removal of the substrate tray, the makers of the product have installed a swiveling bottom door. The Exo Terra Screen Terrarium also benefits greatly from its cricket proof screen. Measuring 18¨x 18¨x 24¨, the terrarium is also fairly portable. Hence, you can move it around easily should you find the need to do so. The Exo Terra Screen Terrarium has been specifically constructed for amphibians and arboreal reptiles that are largely sensitive to sensitive air. The makers of the product have also ensured that there is optimal ventilation in the cage, providing non-restricted air-flow to your pet and minimizing the growth of fungus in the habitat, thus reducing odor too. The Exo Terra Screen Terrarium is definitely a steal at $75.

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Zilla Fresh Air Screen Habitat for ReptilesZilla Fresh Air Screen Habitat for Reptiles

Costing around $47 on Amazon, the Zilla Fresh Air Screen Habitat for Reptiles is definitely affordable. However, you should not let its low pricing discourage you from making its purchase as it is worth the investment. The enclosure is made of an aluminum frame that is durable and

sturdy. The makers of the product have also included black mesh screening in the product, making it escape-proof and strong. It also helps that the PVC bottom of the habitat is durable and resistant to water; it also makes cleaning the cage a lot easier. There is also an availability of a cord access port, enabling usage of power cords and tubing. Fairly easy to assemble, the Zilla Fresh Air Screen Habitat can also be used to accommodate reptiles such as chameleons, crested geckos, gargoyle geckos and numerous tree-dwelling animals. There are two door locks in the cage, making escaping from the enclosure impossible for its inhabitants. It also features large hinged front doors; therefore, you have full access to the interior of the cage.

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Rep Pro Foldable Wooden CageRep Pro Foldable Wooden Cage

The Rep Pro Foldable Wooden Cage is one of the best bearded dragon cages in the world. The high quality wooden cage is constructed of real solid wood; thus, it won´t fall apart even in high humidity. It is also light weight, making it portable beyond belief. It is extremely easy to assemble, usually taking less than 5 minutes to set up. Since it boasts of a removable top cover, cleaning the cage is as easy as a walk in the park. The Rep Pro Foldable Wooden Cage also boasts of front opening sliding glass doors. The ventilation built in the back wall is also made of solid wood and not some thin particle board. This wooden cage can not only be used for bearded dragon; other reptiles such as lizards, snakes, tortoises, box turtles, frogs and chameleons can also be kept there. The Rep Pro Foldable Wooden Cage definitely possesses all the amenities one would expect in a high quality cage.

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